11/04 :  A Tale of Two Newspapers in Thailand

Well a tale is a tale, I don't want to give too much of the story, but I am sure you will enjoy this little adventure of the Raelian Movement in Thailand and how truth is always winning. Thanks Dave for the report!
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10/04 :  Calling all Buddhists

A few Raelians from Korea and Japan have been researching lately the prophecies of Buddha regarding the Maitreya, the new Buddha from the West, and they found interesting facts that Dave, our reporter based in Singapore have summarized for us. Buddhism without mysticism is called... Raelianism.
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07/04 :  First Sunday of April in Australia

The Prophet Rael was near Brisbane in the beautiful Tamborine Mountains last week and gave a powerful seminar that ended on the first Sunday of April. This specific day is one of the four dates at which Raelian baptisms are performed all over the world. It was then the occasion for 12 Australians to recognize the Elohim as their Creators, a very moving moment for all the attendees. You can listen here to the words of the Prophet Rael after the ceremony... and a song from Ricky Lee, the US National Guide from Las Vegas.... enjoy :-)
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02/03 :  Hatred and fear

If you keep a population under hatred and fear, then you keep your power, this is obviously what George Bush learned from an early age.... and this is what the Prophet Rael illustrates here, answering a few questions at a Raelian gathering in Miami.
Here are a few excerpts of his answers:
“When you hate, you poison yourself, you become sick, your body shortens its life. Stop hating for yourself. You should say “I love myself too much to hate anybody”.”
“There is a worldwide plot to keep people in fear. Our ambition is to save the world from fear”

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