18/02 :  Love is a sign of intelligence

The Prophet Rael was invited by the Raelians of Miami to attend their meditation gathering last Sunday and he spent an hour with them before sharing lunch. They had the chance to hear him and also to ask a few questions after his speech. We will air these questions real soon. But for now, you can listen to what he said about the situation of our planet today.... It was the first time that we heard him say that " saving Humanity is mission impossible".... but listen carefully, there is hope....
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11/02 :  Raelians in Italy

To be Raelian in Italy is a lot of fun as this country has given land to the only dictatorship in Europe, the Vatican where its leader, the pope, is elected for life and is almighty... Our atheism is obviously not always welcomed there. Shirley our senior reporter for Europe summarizes for us the different actions that have been supported by the Raelian Movement in Italy, in order to help the population to open its eyes to the ridiculous Catholic obscurantism...
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02/02 :  Geniocracy

Let's take that example again, if your child is sick, do you choose any doctor or are you trying to get the best one? In every compatment of our life, when we can choose, we try to get the best suited services.... how come we don't do it for our elected representatives and presidents? This is what Geniocracy is all about, listen to more in our " Geniocracy" program.
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26/01 :  Science is love

If your child is sick, will you take him to church? Hopefully not. Science saves, science creates a beautiful future. Science is also the key for more peace on Earth if used with consciousness. If you want to know more about tomorrow's life, and eternal life, listen to the "Science is Love" program. Have fun.
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