25/04 :  Science Report 02

A summary of the latest articles published on Rael Sciences.
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25/04 :  Transmissions in Asia

Whether it was in Sri Lanka, Korea or Japan, Raelinas had fun celebrating on the first Sunday of April and Dave, I think, had fun telling us about it. Have fun listening ;-)
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25/04 :  Science Report 01

Science is our religion. Science is love, well, we'd better know what's going on in this chapter then. Roy will give us a summary of the main articles published on RaelScience every week, with a little of his special humour.... Here is the first one. More real soon.
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21/04 :  About Death Penalty

The US are amongst a very small number of countries still practicing death penalty. They are actually the same countries that are at war and exporting violence like the USA do. Ricky, the leader of the US Raelian Movement is especially sensitive to this situation as all American Raelians are as Raelians are fanatic for only one thing : non-violence. He explains here his vision about the situation in the US regarding capital punishment as well as the related subject of assisted suicide. Report from Lara.
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