05/06 :  Love is a medicine

How can you help the others and help yourself? The cure is love, an unselfish love. That recipe was given by Rael during the Asian seminar he gave early May near Tokyo. “Selfishness creates depression, love creates happiness”. I hope you will adopt his program.
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24/10 :  What about sex

"Whether you like it or not, you are alive because your parents had sex... even those who are against sex were born because of an ejaculation."
Surely it isn't because of such a statement that Raelians are considered as members of a sex cult? Well, if you want to know what is the place of sex in the Raelian philosophy, listen to this special sex piece :-)
For a final orgasm, I mean, to end the piece, I added one of the latest creations of Ricky Lee called SPACECF6+8. Have fun!
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23/10 :  How To change things

Rael was asked recently, how can we help,how can we change the world? We know that there are no magical recipes however he gives us here a few rules to apply as we should never give-up, never take anything for granted and remember that the smallest actions count.
At the end of Rael's talk, you can listen to a piece from Emmanuel Comte, from Canada, called Contemplation.
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18/06 :  Raels Girls

The freedom to use one's own body, whether it is to work in a factory or to strip in a club, is fundamental. Why would it be a sin to work in a strip-club? What sort of god would it be who would create human beings with a sex they cannot use? Well, there is no god and our Creators want us to enjoy life freely, always of course respecting the limits of the others... and this is what Lara, our correspondant from Las Vegas tells us today. This piece also includes a statement of the Prophet Rael about strippers and the action of the JC's Girls... Now the Rael's Girls are out. To learn more listen to the beautiful voice of one of Rael's Girls!
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